Our patented, dual stage, internal wire supported filter media has given us the ability to provide our customers with a revolutionary product in the air filtration industry.

Internally supported with a 1.2mm galvanized wire, our Wirecor panel is by far one of the strongest panel filters on the market, giving it a much longer life span than any other panel filter in its range.

Quality Products

As one of the largest filter manufacturers in KZN we are able to supply a large range of quality industrial air filtration products at competitive prices.

Our product range includes panels, pockets, carbon, HEPA's, cartridge filters, a whole host of flat filter media's and many more.

Why Filtaman?

Our director is one of, if not the longest serving persons in the filter industry in South Africa and as such has acquired an impressive knowledge within the industry.

He has worked with many leading mining companies, nuclear facilities, laboratories, food production plants, pharmacological applications, universities, banking institutions and health care providers.

Future Developments

As a manufactuer we are constantly recieving enquiries about all kinds of filtration requirements, from something as simple as a window airconditioning unit to large complex air handling plants.

From this we have learnt that the constant research and developement into new and innovative products is an absolute must.


While our main concern is rather the manufacturing of air filtration products we do offer services including the installation of all kinds of air handling units and filters, either done by our own team of technicians or via a network of partners we have established over the years.

We pride ourselves on providing the best available technicians to assess and provide our customers with expert knowledge for thier filtration requirements.

Thinking Green!

With most people in the 21st century realising the impacts we are placing on our enviroment with the array of different pollutants being pumped into the air we breathe, we are very happy to say we are doing our part.

We accept our way of life results in the production of pollutants but with proper filtration begins the process of making sure our future generations are at least left with clean air.